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The Shakemaps service is provided by the Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (ITSAK). It is based on real-time strong motion data delivered by the ITSAK Strong Motion Network and on earthquake information provided by the Seismological Station of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its development was co-funded by the European Commission under ICT-PSP Project Inspired Geodata Cloud Services - InGeoCloudS. The service delivers near-real-time automatically produced maps of ground motion and shaking intensity following significant earthquakes. These maps may be used by governmental, regional and local organizations, both public and private, for post-earthquake response and recovery, public and scientific information, as well as for preparedness exercises and disaster planning. For more information on the data provided by this service please visit the Disclaimer and Scientific Background pages.

This service is maintained and updated by the ITSAK ShakeMap Working Group and is licenced under a Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International Licence.

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Most Recent Event
Location Date Time Magnitude
West coast of Albania
(ID auth2019sofc)
Sep 21 2019 22:07:33 GMT 4.5

Maps of Recent Significant Events

Location Date Time Magnitude
Adriatic Sea
(ID auth2019snti)
Sep 21 2019 16:10:29 GMT 4.3
West coast of Albania
(ID auth2019snpp)
Sep 21 2019 14:15:55 GMT 5.0
(ID auth2019snpe)
Sep 21 2019 14:04:25 GMT 5.8
Western Turkey
(ID auth2019pkzw)
Aug 08 2019 11:25:31 GMT 5.3
East Crete Isl.- S. Greece
(ID auth2019ovwk)
Jul 31 2019 04:40:04 GMT 5.3
(ID auth2019fmxw)
Mar 20 2019 06:34:39 GMT 5.8
(ID auth2019cmcj)
Feb 05 2019 02:26:10 GMT 5.5
Ionian Sea
(ID auth2018vgou)
Oct 30 2018 15:12:02 GMT 5.7
Ionian Sea
(ID auth2018vfqq)
Oct 30 2018 03:00:00 GMT 5.6
Ionian Sea
(ID auth2018uybd)
Oct 25 2018 23:09:24 GMT 5.5
Ionian Sea
(ID auth2018uyar)
Oct 25 2018 22:54:52 GMT 6.8
(ID auth2017ocxb)
Jul 20 2017 22:31:10 GMT 6.6
Aegean Sea
(ID auth2017lktf)
Jun 12 2017 12:28:38 GMT 6.3
Crete, Greece
(ID auth2016kfkn)
May 25 2016 08:36:16 GMT 6.1
(ID auth2015wmvj)
Nov 17 2015 07:10:07 GMT 6.4
Crete, Greece
(ID auth2015hlcm)
Apr 16 2015 18:07:44 GMT 6.4


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